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Announcement: Social Marketing Association Survey and New Blog Announced

Two weeks out from the World Social Marketing Conference in Brighton, London, and a fabulous new development was announced today regarding social marketing in the United States.

About the Survey

Bob Marshall, along with a slew of other social marketing thought leaders, have launched an open online survey asking others’ opinions about what a national strategic social marketing plan, including a professional organization, would look like in the United States.

The survey I’m very excited to say is designed for respondents at all levels of interest (students, new and career practitioners, experienced expert) across all related fields from social marketing, public health, environment, communication, social sector, education, and more. Basically, anyone interesed in using social marketing as a systematic approach to promoting behavior change and social change that benefits both individuals and society.

The survey is anonymous, and results will be shared on the new blog launched to support the project called the USSocialMarketingPlan in the next few weeks. Organizers are hoping to have enough participants to announce some results by the WSMC in Brighton. Craig Lefebrve also announced the survey on his blog for more information as well.

This is EXCITING news and in my opinion, definitely overdue. But, it’s a start. I had wanted to do this survey myself as part of my master’s thesis, but was advised to wait by others, so I’m happy it is now being conducted, and the collaborative approach will probably encourage more participants. =)

Participate in the survey here.

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September 16, 2008 at 1:06 am 1 comment

What’s Your Calling? What’s Your Response?

This past Thursday, fellow bloggers Evange.List, Spare Change, Pulse and Signal and I checked out the early screening for the rockumentary: Call+Response, about international slavery and the modern abolitionist movement.

The film combined top music artists (Five for Fighting, Switchfoot, Natasha Bedingfield, ImogenHeap and more!), performing a plethora of heart-awakening music to the footage of modern day slavery images and video that evoke a response.

Collecting testimony from modern day activists ranging from Madeleine Albright to Ashley Judd and Nicholas Kristof and many more, the film calls attention to 27 million of the world’s dirtiest secrets. The film culminates and begs the question: How will YOU respond?


The aspect of the film I find most inspiring is the person behind the film: musician Justin Dillon. According to the film’s website:

“Justin Dillon came across the issue of Human Trafficking while touring in Russia. Justin met scores of girls whose ambition to come west was being preyed upon by traffickers. The young girl assigned to interpret for him would share about the many “opportunities” that were being offered to her to come to west.

Justin looked into the phoney opportunities being offered to these girls and became incensed at how easy it was to trick them. After sharing with them the dangers of these proposals, he vowed to do something about this issue once he returned home.”

And so he did. Justin, with no connections or leverage into the entertainment industry, began on a quest to call attention to the issue. He showed how one man with a strong conviction could inspire a movement. A year and a half later, there is now the film Call+Response with thousands responding to the issue of slavery.

At the live screening, Justin spoke to the crowd and said the sole question he asked himself was: What is he good at, and how could he use that talent to solve the issue? Thus, I ask you. Like Justin, what’s your calling?

What are the talents you have, and how are you being called to respond to the modern day issues plaguing humanity?

Be Moved.

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August 4, 2008 at 1:02 am 5 comments

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