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This page lists numerous conferences, events and programs to keep you up to date and integrated into the world of Social Marketing. First, a quick thought:

Perhaps we could get more social marketing and social change themed initiatives integrated into more events…anyone else see this call for a Humanitarian Lion at the Cannes Festival this summer? You can now sign the pledge to make this actually happen! I already have, and so have our friends over at Osocio.

Social Marketing


June 2-4, 2008
Social Marketing University:

Objective: Train, teach and engage social marketing practitioners
Host: Weinreich Communications Location: Washington D.C.
Registration Contact: Nedra Weinreich,

June 15-21, 2008
Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

Extra: The Cannes Festival is wider than social marketing and nonprofit, but it’s the Cannes, and thus, must be included. Anybody see this YouTube message to the big dogs at the Cannes, calling for a Humanitarian Lion?
Location: Cannes, France
Registration Contact: Online Here

June 18-21, 2008
18th Social Marketing in Public Health Conference

Theme: Translation * Dissemination * Change
Host: University of South Florida Location: Clearwater, Florida
Extra: The first half of the conference is a social marketing training academy, while the second half is the main conference event.

June 22-24, 2008
Social Tech Training

Theme: Building New Leaders. Supporting Social Change. Harnessing Web Thinking.
Host: Web of Change and MaRS Location: MaRS Center, Toronto, CAN
Registration Contact: Sarah Pullman,

July 14-16, 2008
2008 International NonProfit and Social Marketing Conference

Theme: Partnerships, Proof and Practice
Host: Center for Health Initiatives, University of Wollongong Location: New South Wales, AUS
Registration Contact: Kelly Andrews,

July 14-16, 2008
2008 AMA NonProfit Marketing Conference

Theme: Telling Your Story: From Vision to Results
Host: AMA and the AMA Foundation Location: Washington D.C.

August 12-14, 2008
2nd Annual National Health Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media

Theme: Engage and Deliver
Host: CDC, National Center for Health Marketing Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Registration Contact: Lisa McBride,

September 23-25, 2008
AdWeek Panel with the Ad Council and Google

Objective: As part of Advertising Week’s Panasonic Ideas for Life Series, the Ad Council, in partnership with Google, invites you to attend three though-provoking discussions on timely topics where public service advertising, communications and social good intersect.
Host: Ad Council/Google Location: New York, NY
Sessions: Social Media: giving Voice to Social Causes; Getting Americans to Think Globally: How Advertising is Leading the Way; Ad Council’s Coalition for Health Children
Contact: Danna Kulzer at

September 29-30, 2008
1st World Social Marketing Conference

Objective: Bring delegates, speakers, and exhibitors from around the world together to discuss the application of social marketing.
Host: International SM Organizations Location: Brighton, England
Application Deadline: February 29, 2008 Time: 2 days

October 2-3, 2008
2008 Gallup Well-Being Forum

Theme: Transforming the Health and Well-Being of the World’s 6 Billion Citizens
Purpose: Bring together world-renowned research scientists and nationally recognized leaders to understand and explore what critical issues are affecting the U.S. and the world’s health and well-being today. Host: Gallup Location: Washington D.C.
Registration Contact(s): Mary Penner-Lovci at 212.548.2940, Krista Volzke at 402.938.6001, or Amy White at 609.279.2233

October 22-23, 2008
Health 2.0 Conference

Theme: Health 2.0: User-Generated Healthcare Conference Host: Kaiser Permanente Location: San Francisco, CA Time: 2 days

December 1-3, 2008
Australian and New Zealand Marketing Conference 2008

Theme: Shifting Focus from the Mainstream to the Offbeat (has a social, not-for-profit and political marketing streat)
Host: ANZMC, SONY and MONASH University Location: Sydney, AUS

Social Marketing (and related) Workshops

July 10-12, 2008
2008 Montana Summer Institute for Social Norms Practitioners

Objective: Develop and refine social norms messages and projects through interactive workshops by bringing together a community of practitioners.
Host: Most of Us Location: Bozeman, Montana
Application Deadline: April 7, 2008 Time: 3 days
Contact: Jeff Linkenbach, Ed.D

July 13, 2008
4th Annual Summer Institute for Social Marketing & Health Communication

Objective: The goal is to bring communication and creative professionals together to work in interdisciplinary teams that apply social marketing theory and principles to some of the biggest social issues of our time. Includes interactive lectures and discussion sessions, case study presentations, group exercises and networking with guest lecturers.
: Emerson College Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Application Deadline: May 1, 2008 Time: 5.5 Days
Contact: Tim Edgar @ 617.824.8743 or at

September 12, 2008
HealthCamp DC

Objective: An un-conference addressing the Transformation of Health Care through Social Networks, Open Standards and Web 2.0 Technology. This is part of the Health 2.0 movement towards participatory health care inspired the definition that Ted Eytan and others (including patients) evolved for Health 2.0.
: CareFirst, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, EKIVE and Pulse & Signal Location: D.C.
Tag: #HealthCampDc

October 15, 2008
Social Marketing for Health Improvement

Objective: Expert speakers will provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to developing a social marketing campaign, taking you step-by-step through the crucial stages of planning, developing customer insight, implementation, and evaluation.
: Health Services Journal Location: London

Bonus Tracks

  • Michael Rothschild, a social marketer and professor based in Wisconsin, recently announced that he is continuing his 2-Day Social Marketing Workshops as locations of one’s choice. You can contact him at
  • The CDC hosted its first web dialogue to discuss how Web 2.0 interactive media can be utilized in public health. The web dialogue is still open for reference.
  • The 1st Changebloggers Meetup is occurring in Washington D.C. October 15, 2008, while welcoming journalist Alex Steed as he travels the 30+ U.S. cities interviewing millennial changebloggers. Details will be updated on the event’s page.


  • Kivi Leroux Miller from Nonprofit Communications, launched a series of a dozen webinars covering topics from nonprofit story writing, annual reports, e-newsletters, social media strategy and more. Kivi’s webinars also featured fellow expert guests as well!
  • The University of South Florida hosted its 2008 7-Day Social Marketing Field School from June 13-17, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.

Social Media Marketing

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