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Non-Profit Blog Exchange: Virtual Event

For the Non-Profit Blog Exchange’s 8th Virtual Event, top bloggers in social marketing and non-profit communications are writing posts about each other’s blogs and posts. This is SocialButterfly’s inaugural debut in the Non-Profit Blog Exchange, so insightful feedback is always appreciated.

My blog in focus is Nancy E. Schwartz’ blog Getting Attention. Operating since May 2007, the blog acts ‘as a resource of ideas, tactics and tips for nonprofit communicators.’

Ms. Schwartz is founder of Nancy Schwartz & Company, a marketing and communications firm for non-profits and foundation clients. She also manages her blog Getting Attention and Getting Attention’s e-newsletter.

I had come across Ms. Schwartz’ blog previously when she participated in a round of the Carnival for Non Profit Consultants on Dec. 3, 2007. To be transparent, I am a fan of her blog and the information it provides. The site is easy to navigate, is practical, insightful and offers a variety of content on various topics within the social marketing and non-profit communications world.

I’d like to respond to a specific post of Ms. Schwartz titled: Leverage Prez Hopefuls’ Understanding of Women to Increase Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact. Having just come from a seminar at the Sewall-Belmont House & Museum on Women in Politics, this topic is currently on my mind.

In her post, Ms. Schwartz analyzed the current political debate combined with a New York Times article about how gender influences politics to formulate some non-profit marketing insights on the female target.

Her insights are great and helpful. It’s the premises that catch my attention. Take the first premise: Women vote to protect their interests (men vote because they enjoy politics). However, I know lots of men who are concerned with protecting their interests and just as many women (such as those who gathered at the Women in Politics seminar tonight) who are passionate about politics.

Let’s look at another premise: Women network organically so they already have a network or two in place. One of tonight’s speakers, a Virginia state legislator veteran would also attest, that she learned how to fund raise and garner support from observing the ‘good old boys’ network.

Now don’t get me wrong, I agree and find Ms. Schwartz’ marketing insights on women helpful. I also admire how she took a very popular current event and made it relevant to us non-profiteers. I am just reflecting a lot on women, gender, politics and how they relate. My faithful readers will observe that I am big into concepts and terms and how they relate, ;). It’s the academic in me.

So, in closing, let me leave you with this New York Times article from Feb. 10, 2008 titled: When Women Rule. The author of this article poses the question: Can a woman leader be both liked and perceived as qualified and effective? According to this author and others, a woman leader can either be liked or perceived as competent…but not both. You can see how this ties into the article on female target marketing and women politics.

My thoughts on this were phrased well by Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan tonight at the Sewall-Belmont seminar when Carnahan voiced, with enthusiasm and motivation (paraphrased from memory):

“Is running for a political office hard? Yes. Is it hard for anyone? Yes. Is it harder for women and minorities? Yes. Is it unfair? Yes. But let’s get to the ground running.”

Thus, using Ms. Schwartz’ demonstration of creating relevance from an important topic to us marketers and nonprofiteers….let’s hit the ground running with our social marketing and non-profit communication skills and talents all you fellow SocialButterflies!

…to change lives and the quality of life for all!

February 14, 2008 at 4:27 am 5 comments

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